About Carpet Overlocking Sydney

I Raphael first started  little bit of rug overlocking in 2007 and was continuing work in related industry than started own business in 2013. I learn carpet overlocking information and knowledge form couple of  senior carpet overclocking members two of them working with carpet overlocking over 30 years and a senior sewing machine expert who thought me machine and parts of machine knowledge and how to fix.  Since than we overlooked hundreds of rug and carpets. We operated our business in couple of places and was running very good. Now that we are in business for while and experienced with carpets and customer expectations , we organised with many machines and products related with carpet overlocking , binding, fringing, washing and repairing, and many self made tools and modified tools that made our job more easy and accurate.

We also offer a free job sample on your material.

All our services comes with 100% satisfaction warranty.

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