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Pick up Delivery By Us or Currier :

We have pick up and Delivery services available. We also organize currier to pick up and delivery even you are miles away.  To Get a Pick up Delivery Quote by us , please just give us a photo of the rolls.

To Get Quote from Currier :

Please Give us

  • Name, Address , Email, Contact number.
  • We need total width , Length, Height and Weight of the carpet roll to get a pick up delivery price for you . (To minimize cost you just cut to the sizes +little extra and we will cut them to the sizes, when we receive them).
  • Please if you organize delivery through currier( it much cheaper usually than we go pick up and deliver for you ) , please pack them as smaller as you can(if you want cheaper freight) and give us Name, Address , Email, Contact number and carpet packages width , Length, Height and Weight of the carpet roll and all your carpet sizes .We will email you the total cost(our service + Pickup & Delivery + Handling ). Once you agree to the Quote, we will email you the pick up slip , please print it and keep on carpet roll. so that it is readable and cover with clear plastic. thank you

Rug Carpet Resize Quotation : To Get a Rug Resize Price, Please Email or Text  us with

1. Rugs Full Photo and a Lifted corner overloaded on the rug than a close photo please.

2. From the Current measurements to the resize finish measurements.


Carpet Overlocking Quotation:  Carpet Overlocking Per Linier meter for rectangle and Squire Shape for Brand new Carpet up to 11mm thickness and this price is not for all carpets . so please send us a photo of your carpet to confirm the Price:

Size for rectangle and Squire Shape Unit Prices per liner meter$
  1.  From 1.21- 2.00 meters Width by 1.21 – 2.00 meters Length
  2. Example: 2 meters X 2 meters size carpet is 8 liner metes . so total cost is 8x$9=$72 plus GST.
  3. Runner from .30-1.2 meters width by up to 2 meters long
$9.00 plus Gst
  1. From 1.21 -3.00 meters Width By    1.21 – 3.00 meters Length
  2. Runner from .30-1.2 meters width by up to2.01- 4.20 meters long
$12.00 plus Gst
  1.     From 1.21 -4.5 meters Width  1.21 – 4.5 meters Length
  2. Runner from .30-1.2 meters width by up to 4.21- 10.0000 meters long
$15.00 plus Gst
  1.  from1.21- 4.5 meters Width BY 1.21 -5.20 meters Length
  2. Bigger than 5.2 -9 .00meters, please send us an email or give us a call.
  3. Runner from .30-1.2 width by up to 10.00- 15.00 meters long
$21.00 plus Gst
  1. .50 dia meters to 2.1 dia meters. Example 1.26 dia metes will be $1.26x 60= $75.60 plus GST
$ dia meters X $60.00 plus GST
  1. 2.11to 3.50 dia meters
Dia meters X $70.00 plus Gst
    • Any Carpet over 4 Corners , please give us a photo.

For used carpet and the carpet sitting with you for over 5 years:

    The Price is same like the top list + $ 2 per liner meters( for Dia meters carpets and underlay adding overlocking is no extra cost for used or old carpets).

Anti Slip Underlay Adding With Carpet & Together Overlocking Prices

  • .20 – 4.00 meters Width to .20 – 4.00 metes Length is $15Per liner meters plus GST.   Total cost is  (underlay cost + GST) + (Liner Meters cost +GST). For Bigger than 4×4 meters carpet underlay addling overlocking,  please send us an email or call to the store.
  •  For Example a carpet 2×3 meters and you want non slip underlay add overlocking. (6 squire meters underlay +Gst) +(10 liner meters + Gst) = (13×6+Gst)+(15×10+Gst). Total=$250.80
  • Note: underlay comes in 2 meters wide roll and we sell by meters.
  • non slip adding round and without non slip adding round is same price(you buy underlay first Please).
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