Carpet Edging

Carpet Edging Services for any type every type carpet including wool nylon sisal and size up to 0- 6 meters by 8 meters.

Carpet Edging Services for type of Carpets:

  • Cut Pile Carpet Edging : Cut pile carpets are made by cutting the yarn loops that makes an upright pile that has a more luxurious, formal look than loop pile carpet. After cutting carpets to the size we we adjust the carpet with edging yarn or fabric according to carpet thickness to have decorative look cut pile carpet edging .
  • Plush Pile Carpet Edging  :  A upright finish soft and cut pile carpet which is slightly twisted and traffic wise appearance get change. We do plush pile carpet edging with overlocking , binding , serging and fringing services to customer shapes and sizes.
  • Saxony Carpet Edging : A smooth and plush pile looking finish but little higher pile and more twisted yarn than plush pile carpet. this type carpet densely waved and beautiful looking carept and surface changes with traffic. we do edging for Saxony carpet matching with the capet to provide a decorative look.