Rug Resize Alterations Services

Rug Resize Alterations Services: We resize any type of rug carpet runner and stair mats , any shape rugs including round oval rectangle and squire or any custom cut, design or shape carpet rug runner and and finish edging with overlocking binding fringing and serging services.

We resize any type of rug carpet hallway rug and runner , staircase mats and runner including

  • Event rug resizing
  • Heatset rug resizing
  • Hand tufted rug resizing
  • hand woven rug resizing
  • Machine made rug resizing
  • Hand made rug resizing
  • polypropylene rug resize
  • Acrylic rug Resize
  • Microfiber rug resize
  • Wool Rug Resize
  • Jute rug resize
  • axminster rug resize
  • sisal rug resize
  • carpet resize

Please give us a call today to resize your rug to 02 91702836